The Šipčanik Wine Cellar was opened in late 2007. It is placed in the hearth of the largest vineyard in a single complex in the entire Europe, spanning across 2,310 hectares with 11 million grapevines of both local and world famous varieties. The cellar is placed at an average depth of over 30 meters.

It has the shape of a tunnel, 356 meters long, with an average width of 13.5 meters, 7 meters high. The air temperature ranges between 17 and 19 degrees, with 70-80% humidity. Wine is kept and ageing in this cellar across nearly 7,000 square meters, in almost ideal and fully natural conditions in terms of climate and technology.

Two million litres of wine age and mature in wooden barrels and bottles. The cellar includes a wine shop with 28,000 bottles of wines up to ten years old, a tasting room of 200 square meters and a specialized shop. The tasting room is 50 seats in capacity and fully equipped with regard to technology (microphones, PA system, 2 LCDs, a projector, a screen, a laptop), thus being an ideal venue for meetings, seminars and conferences. In addition to conferences, seminars and presentations, it is also possible to organise buffet cocktails in the cellar for up to 700 persons, waiter service inclusive for the duration of the cocktail.

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