Paradise for pioneers! Hundreds of square kilometres of lonely high mountain scenery, covered with deep snow, almost half a year. Thousands of slopes, some of them longer than 10 kilometres, where nobody, ever, skied! Almost all slopes are woodless and smooth, without stones or other obstacles, and without risk of avalanches. The only traces you can find are traces of some lonely wolf or fox … and, looking backward, your own! In bad weather conditions, the Montenegrin mountains become a very serious challenge for everybody.

Accomplished off-trail skiers will find exactly the adventurous conditions to prove themselves, to confirm their skill and experience. The shelters are only remote mountain huts, uninhabited in winter. So be prepared for camping or to bivouac in demanding conditions if you plan to extend your tour overnight. Do not go alone and inform others of the route you are going to take! And where is this deserted, pristine wilderness? In the heart of Europe, only about 50 kilometres from the coast of the South Adriatic Sea. Come, see, and experience the silence and the beauty of the Big White Wilderness. It is much closer than Alaska or Kamchatka …

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