Monastery treasuries keep medieval hand-written books. One of the oldest and most beautiful is Miroslavljevo jevanđelje (Miroslav’s Gospel), written in the 12th century in the Church of St. Petar in Bijelo Polje.

In 1493 the Crnojevic’s printing house placed on the hill Obod printed “Oktoih prvoglasnik” - the first printed book among the Southern Slavs. Great achievements in the 19th century literature inspired writers of the 20th century, and tradition of great storytellers and keepers of the language is cherished even today.

Folk literature is also of exceptional value and Europe had discovered it only in the 19th century. Stories, poems, legends, fairytales, anecdotes and proverbs are derived from life in beautiful nature which even when it was not so king to people brought joy to them and they admired it deeply. The nature also had large influence on artists: most are obsessively devoted to the landscapes and expressive expression.

In Montenegro today all contemporary music trends are present. There is a growing number of singers and composers of pop music who are very popular in the region.

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