Did you know?

  • On the surface of only 13 812 km2 Montenegro has almost all forms of relief!
  • The Boka Bay is the southernmost fjord in the world.
  • Canyon of the river Tara is the deepest canyon in Europe
  • The monastery Ostrog is one of the biggest sanctuaries in the world. It is visited by people of all religions. 
  • The oldest tree in Europe lives in Bar: the Old Olive Tree is over 2,000 years old. Its volume is about 10m. More than 100,000 olive trees in municipality of Bar are more than 1,000 years old. 
  • Mediterranean spreads as far as the olive tree grows. 
  • Skadar Lake is the largest lake in the Balkans. 
  • Surface of Skadar Lake varies from 400 to 525 square kilometres.
  • All mountain lakes in Montenegro are glacial lakes and are condemned to gradual disappearance.
  • Only large predatory fish live in Plavsko Lake - five species (huchen, black mudfish, pike, burbot and chub).
  • The largest specimen of huchen in Montenegro was caught in Plavsko Lake and it weighted 41.5 kg.
  • There is a phoenix-plant: gentle Ramonda serbica, a flowering plant, protected by law, which grows on the slopes of the mountain of Rumija; even dry it can be revived with first rain. 
  • The only habitat of black salamander (Salamadra atra) in Montenegro is on the mountain Bogićevica (Prokletije) at the altitude of 1,952 m above sea level.
  • From time to time we have coloured rains – yellowish or reddish. Cause: the southern wind brings air from Northern Africa full of desert dust. 
  • A young Norwegian officer brought first skis to Montenegro in 1893. 
  • The first bicycle came to Montenegro at the end of the XIX century.
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