Culture Trip: 11 overlooked European countries not enough people visit


France and Italy are fantastic, but what about all the countries in Europe that aren’t as popular? Of course these destinations will be busy, because this is still Europe after all, but nonetheless they offer less crowds, less expensive flights and, most importantly, present an opportunity to discover a place you haven’t already seen a million photos of. These are the 11 most overlooked European countries that not enough people visit and that you should plan your next trip to ASAP.

Austria, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania.


Skip Croatia and head to Montenegro this year. Its old towns will bring you back to another time and its nightlife will be fun too, without sending you home needing another vacation. The sea is stunning, the people friendly, and the food healthy and delicious.


Source: CultureTrip


Photo: CultureTrip
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