Bay of Kotor – Europe’s Most Beautiful Fjord


Wild and Beautiful

Europe’s Most Beautiful Fjord? Hey… We know some of you will think this is a strong statement but that’s only if you haven’t visited Montenegro yet. There was a TV ad that the Montenegrin National Tourism Organisation ran for some time and it was named “Montenegro, Experience Wild Beauty”. If you have visited Montenegro as many times as we have, you know that this is a highly precise definition of Montenegro and its offerings. Wild Beauty. Kotor and Montenegro definitely fit this statement, by all means.

Montenegro definitely is a wild and beautiful country. Its land is full of rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow band of beaches along its Adriatic coastline. The towns on the Montenegrin coast will surely seduce its visitors with their charm, diversity and the Mediterranean character.

Kotor, Budva and Sveti Stefan are probably the most popular destinations on the coastline but you should also set Perast, Petrovac, Herceg Novi, Podgorica, Bar and Ada Bojana as your destination goals.

Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor, Boka Kotorska or simply Boka as locals like to call it, is a bay in the heart of the Adriatic. It consists of four smaller bays. They are named after the largest towns that are located in the heart of those smaller bays. Those towns are Herceg Novi, Tivat, Risan and Kotor.

Bay of Kotor hides a rich historical heritage. Remains from the Illyrian and Byzantine era are strongly present. A Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture continues to live in Kotor, Perast and Risan and proves that true values can last forever, together in harmony with the modern times. You can feel the tradition and hospitality wherever you go.

Its easy to find many agencies offering cruises To Kotor – if cruises are what you’re looking for. Sailing into Kotor, at the end of a cluster of bays, is always an unforgettable experience. The old port of Kotor is located in front of the Kotor fortification built throughout the Venetian period. Kotor itself is most probably one of the most beautiful and definitely one of the best-preserved old medieval towns in the Adriatic. The fortified city of Kotor is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list.

Insider advice

If you’re interested in exploring this exceptional bay and its towns, peninsulas, and heritage we suggest you rent a car or even a boat for the week in Kotor or Herceg Novi. This is the best advice if you’re looking for a full and organic experience. Some of the visits we’d like to suggest are a small town of Rose and Arza fortress located on Luštica peninsula. Visiting Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos is also a must. The view from the mausoleum is breathtaking and gives the best panoramic view over the Bay of Kotor.

While on that side of Montenegro, visit Perast with its beautiful view over the bay of Kotor. If you like luxury shops, fancy restaurants, and high-end events, Porto Montenegro is just a perfect choice. Just let your heart easily lead you to wander in the Wild Beauty of Montenegro coast. You won’t regret it.

Spare a few moments to see this video about Kotor Montenegro made by Lonely Planet. It will give you a few smart advice.


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