New provisional measures to protect citizens against coronavirus adopted: Foreign travel and foreigners entering Montenegro prohibited, Catering establishments closed


Podgorica, Montenegro (15 March 2020) -- The Ministry of Health has adopted, on the proposal of the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro and on the basis of the Law on the Protection of Population against Communicable Diseases, the Decree for taking temporary measures to prevent the introduction into the country, suppress and prevent the transmission of new coronavirus.
The provisional measures are:
1) Prohibition of entry to foreigners, except to foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro and foreigners who operate motor vehicles used for traffic of goods.
The traffic of goods for the needs of Montenegro and for transit remains smooth, with special measures of health and sanitary control; 
2) Compulsory self-isolation for all Montenegrin citizens, as well as for foreigners who have permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro, who come from abroad, based on the decision of the health and sanitary inspection; 
3) Ban on providing catering services in hotels, except for registered guests; 
4) Closing of disco clubs / bars and nightclubs / bars; 
5) Closing of catering establishments - cafes, pubs, cafeterias, restaurants and bars, except catering establishments that deliver food and allow food and meals to be taken over, with a ban on the stay of guests in the facilities themselves;
6) Ban on providing shopping and catering services in shopping malls; 
7) Closing of children's playrooms;
8) Closing of fitness centres; 
9) Closure of casinos, betting shops and gambling houses;
10) Limiting the number of customers, in relation to the area of the retail outlet, so that only one consumer can be located in ten square meters of the surface of the outlet. Regardless of the surface, no more than 50 consumers can reside in a retail outlet at a time. 
Exceptionally for markets and bazaars, the number of customers who can be in the facility simultaneously limits up to 100 consumers;
11) Obligation of responsible persons in trade establishments to provide or mark a distance, of at least two meters between persons located in front of retail outlets, at cash registers and sectors where goods are served by employees in the outlet;
12) Obligation of responsible persons in trade establishments to ensure for their employees the implementation of health and protection measures prescribed by the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro;
13) The obligation of the responsible persons in the trade establishments to indicate at the entrance to the sales facility the notification of the maximum number of persons, who can be in the same facility at the same time and to organise the implementation of this measure;
14) The obligation of municipalities, the Capital and the Old Royal Capital to identify, in cooperation with the municipal crisis staffs, potential facilities for the implementation of quarantine measures, in line with the Rulebook on closer conditions and methods for organising and implementation of health surveillance and quarantine and the conditions that the quarantine must meet (Official Gazette of Montenegro 13/20) and propose to the Ministry of Health for further quarantine determination procedure.
The measures shall apply from the publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro, for a period of 15 days.
Specific cases, which are the subject of interstate cooperation and the need of special state interest, and particularly for public health purposes, will be considered and decided by the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases.
Failure to comply with the measures referred to in Article 1 of this Decree, shall be subject to criminal liability, in accordance with Art. 287 and 302 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.

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