His Majesty – Djurdjevica Tara Bridge


Not many bridges take your breath away as Djurdjevica Tara Bridge. Tourists simply adore it, while it became a true internet attraction when Microsoft made it a Windows Spotlight theme. What’s the magic in it? The very fact that it bridges the deepest European canyon makes it magnificent, but it’s definitely not just that. With its splendor design and grandiose construction, it has an unbelievable destiny and a role in a history. It was constructed just prior to World War 2, to bridge the second biggest canyon of the world, and to connect the road from Šavnik, via Žabljak, further to Pljevlja and Serbia. There was no intention of it becoming so famous and popular, holding world records, but it seems that it was its destiny. It was built in 1940, exactly 81 years ago. However, the fame was to wait a little bit. A year after it was built, first war tanks crossed it, and the decision was made to destroy it. Lazar Jaukovic, an engineer that built it put the mines in such a way so that the construction is left undamaged, only to interrupt the traffic. Later on, he was shot at the same place, and at the end of the bridge there’s a memorial plaque devoted to a brave engineer. 


Kosta Minin
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