Montenegro’s most unforgettable experiences


While it may be the beach that lures you to Montenegro, look up from your towel and you will discover a land full of culture, history and natural wonders, not to mention delicious food. These are the things Montenegrin memories are made of. 

Scenic drives

There is no more spectacular introduction to Montenegro than the drive around the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Kotor. Its fjord-like proportions get more dramatic the further you journey into the inner parts of the bay on a road wedged between brooding mountains and inky waters. Mountains remain a constant backdrop along the busy Adriatic Coast highway, as well, although your eyes will be constantly drawn to the sparkling waters below.

Most memorable of all is the white-knuckle drive along the old serpentine road linking Kotor to Lovcen National Park. As you loop up and up through 25 hairpin turns, the view continually expands until it eventually takes in the entire Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic beyond.

Quite frankly, there is barely a route in Montenegro that isn’t gorgeous. Even the main highway heading north from Podgorica to Serbia is a scenic tour-de-force, traversing the exquisite Moraca Canyon. Likewise, the road heading north from Niksic along the Piva Canyon is remarkable, clinging to cliffs as it passes between 56 small tunnels blasted through the mountainside.

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