What you should know if you coming to Montenegro with drone


Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency receive so many questions about drone import and regulatory requirements regarding drone operations in Montenegro.

Here is what you should know, if you are coming from abroad with drone.

1. Prior to your visit, you should contact the Ministry of Economic Development regarding importing drone in Montenegro.

2. If your unmanned aircraft can develop kinetic energy above 79 J, or have an operational mass above 0,5 kg, or have an operational mass less than 0,5 kg, but their maximum speed is over 20 m/s and it can develop range more than 15 m and maximum height more than 10 m, you will have to register it.

3. In order to be registered as unmanned aircraft operator, you can find the Declaration in accordance with Ordinance for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at the weblink Fill in the form and send it to us via e-mail: The registration is simple and free of charge.

4. In case you plan to fly in narrow urban zones, inhabited areas, at the distances smaller than allowed in the vicinity of people, facilities, vehicles, vessels… you need the approval of the Civil Aviation Agency for those operations.

For any additional information, contact Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency.


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