Just a step away from Dubrovnik – discover the winter delights of Montenegro


It seems like Montenegro is a perfect place to visit this winter and it's just a short drive away from Dubrovnik. The events of the next couple of months were presented today at a press conference held by the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro as well as the local tourist organizations of Bar, Budva, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Podgorica and Zabljak in Hotel Kompas in Dubrovnik. 

When it comes to the New Year's program all of these cities offer open-air celebrations in with regional celebrities.

Budva is not only an attractive location during the summer but also offers a great winter program. Most of its hotels will be open during these winter months and the New Year's celebration will be held on the main square, just as it has been for the past 18 years. The first of January brings traditional concerts of classical music.
- Big musical names and nice weather – we have enough reasons to invite you and we will try our best to be good hosts – said Tijana Kotarac from the Budva Tourist Board.

- Tivat will host its first ever open-air New Year's celebration, so it's sort of a ''pilot project'' for us – explained Dejana Stjepcevic from the Tivat Tourist Board. She added that there will be festive stands, just like in Dubrovnik, that will offer traditional food. Also, for this special time of year, there are special discounts – 15-20 percent in hotel accomodation. Tivat also offers great regional musical stars, such as well known cellist Ana Rucner, who will play on 1st of January.

Herceg Novi, a town just a step away from Dubrovnik, has a rich winter programme too. New Year's can even be celebrated on two locations! One will offer electronic music and the other will be more traditional. 
- Children will also have their celebration during the day – explained Ana Stanisic from the Tourist Board of Herceg Novi.

Also, there is a traditional celebration ''Mimosa holiday'', which will be celebrated for the 48th time. It starts in the last week of January and will coninue during February. It has a lot of different events, such as carnival and the new things as the ''French day'', ''Belgrade day'' and ''Picigin day''.

Bar will have it's ''Bar New Year's happening'' with pop, rock, folk and etno music. 
- We've prepared special arrangaments – private accomodations will be from around five euros per night and hotels from 30 euros per night – said Nikoleta Nikcevic from the Bar Tourist Board.

The capital of Montenegro Podgorica also has a lot to offer.
- If you are not sure if you should go north or south, we are the perfect choice for you – said Vesna Dedic from the Podgorica Tourist Board, alluding to the town's central location. 
Events there will start on the 19th of December with Podgorica Day when the Christmas tree will be decorated and also the New Year's bazaar opens with traditional products, souvenirs and such.

When it comes to winter tourism, Montenegro has a lot to offer.

Vanja Calovic from the Zabljak Tourist Board said that for the winter season she would recommend Durmitor – the mountains of untouched beauty. With the National Park, there are also 2 ski resorts that will be ready to start working with the first snow. With ''normal'' skiing, there is also night and nordic skiing that you could try. A new attraction on Zabljak is a sports centre where basketball, handball and bowling can be enjoyed during the cold, winter months.

The General manager of Hotel Bianca Resort Nemanja Kuljic represented Kolasin, a small touristic town with the beautiful mountain – Bjelasica and a great ski resort.

- Two hours drive from Dubrovnik there is the Ski center Vucje, located in Niksic and ready for the winter season. It offers skiing schools, ski dance festival, snowboard cup and much more – explained Zdravko Bajic, the representative of the centre.

Montenegro really has a lot to choose from this winter – the only problem will be what to choose.

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