Matt LeBlanc is "pursued" by Montenegrin police in Top Gear trailer


The first trailer for the latest series of Top Gear features an array of supercars and extraordinary vehicles - from the Aston Martin DB11 and the Ferrari FXX K to the Russian eight-wheeled Avtoros Shaman.

The 90-second teaser sees presenters Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid endure an awkward BBC car insurance interview interwoven with clips from the new series.

In one shot, a tuxedoed LeBlanc is cornered by police in Montenegro, while another shows the former Friends star inside the mammoth Avtoros Shaman rescuing a group of naked ramblers on the Isle of Man.

Meanwhile, Reid is seen crashing his taxi in Kazakhstan and Harris drifts the Ferrari FXX K in Daytona, Florida.

The trio are quizzed by a strict risk assessor on prior motoring convictions, whether they will participate in competitive driving, and if they require fire cover.

Responding to the final question, LeBlanc tells the interviewer "no fire" before The Stig makes a timely entrance with a small flame burning his sleeve.


The trailer will premiere on BBC One on Saturday night ahead of talent show Let It Shine.


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