Perfect Places to Propose in Montenegro by Mihaela Lica Butler


Montenegro is one of the most visually-appealing countries of the Balkans. Although its tourism numbers are on a constant high since 2006 to date, it is widely unknown to western travelers. But those who decide to visit Montenegro are seduced by the country’s endless repository of romantic sites perfect to pop the question, to honeymoon, or just to see for the sake of falling in love with nature, people, and places. In the following, you will find some of Montenegro’s most special places for that moment in your life when you decide to propose.

On Ulcinj’s Ada Bojana at Sunset

Ada Bojana is an island in the delta of the Bojana River. It is better known among Western tourists for its naturist village called Adad Bojana, which exists here since 1973. But being on the island at sunset could turn into the perfect moment to propose. The sky turns into the perfect backdrop for the most romantic moment of your life. After sunset, go for dinner at one of the local restaurants to enjoy fresh seafood and Montenegrin cuisine. You can always rent a luxury bungalow to spend a weekend of bliss surrounded by pristine nature far from the tourist crowds. The fine sand beaches on Ada Bojana are shallow, offering safe conditions for families with children too.

Ulcinj itself is a delightful destination with a historic Old Town full of character. Built by the Illyrians and Ancient Greeks the town is one of the oldest urban settlements of its kind on the Adriatic Sea. You can always choose to propose among the historic Illyrian walls of the ancient citadel.

By a Picturesque Chapel on the Islets of Perast

Perast is one of Montenegro’s most scening towns. It enjoys an idyllic location on Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor) near the islets Sveti ?or?e (St. George) and Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks). From the two, Ostrvo Sveti ?or?e is the natural island, and the site of the Saint George Benedictine monastery dating from the 12th century, as well as an old graveyard, the place of rest of many of the old noblemen of Perast. In contrast, Gospa od Škrpjela is humanmade, and its central landmark is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, with a votive tapestry embroidered by Jacinta Kuni?-Mijovi?, noteworthy as its maker used her hair, along with golden and silver fibers, to make the embroideries. According to the legend, Jacinta worked for 25 long years till she turned blind waiting for her lover to return from a journey. Her sad story is nevertheless romantic, as it implies devotion, chastity, and everlasting love.

At the Luxury Aman Sveti Stefan Resort

Aman Sveti Stefan Resort occupies an entire islet on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It’s a 5-star resort boasting 58 guest rooms, cottages and suites, pink-sand beaches, and a 1,600-square-metre spa offering treatments that draw from Montenegro’s more than 650 recognized medical species of herbs and a centuries-old tradition of wild harvesting. You can always choose the open-air central piazza of the resort on the sea-facing terraces of the Enoteca at dusk, seated at a candlelit table, with a bottle of wine and a platter of preprandials. Or take a sailboat fromAman Sveti Stefan Resort to a secluded bay for a picnic and pop the question there. Ask the concierge to organize the trip for you and to pick the perfect spot.

After a Lakeside Fairytale Hike

Crno jezero, Montenegro’s Black Lake in Žabljak is the largest of 18 glacial lakes on the Durmitor mountain. It is well-known, and popular with locals, as it is only 3 km from the center of the town of Žabljak. Trails from Crno jezero lead to other small glacial lakes – you can always hike till you find the perfect spot to propose surrounded by the jaw-dropping peaks that mirror their tops in the waters creating fairytale-like mountainscapes.

These are just four suggestions for the picture-perfect place to propose in Montenegro, but when you visit the country, you will soon discover that there’s magic around every corner. From all the countries of the Balkans, only few can claim such diversity in picturesque landscapes, and locations that inspire romance.

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