Porto Montenegro won the award for Corporate Philanthropy in South-East Europe


The company, Adriatic Marinas – Porto Montenegro won the award for Corporate Philanthropy in South-East Europe which was awarded for the first time by the prestigious business magazine Diplomacy & Commerce, syndication of The Economist international magazine in Serbia. The award was presented to Ms Kristina Škanata, Porto Montenegro’s PR Coordinator at the official award ceremony held in Mixer House in Belgrade.

“As a representative of one of the main private investors, I wish to say that we recognise Tivat as a city of the future. So far, more than 2.5 million euros has been invested in the local community through various donations and sponsorships. We shall continue to focus on support education and motivation, since it is the greatest capital and potential of any local community. We are particularly inclined to the project “Uplifting the Community” (Zajedno za zajednicu), in which employees of Porto Montenegro are given a day off to take part in activities this is financed by the company. This year, once again, we will ‘roll up our sleeves’ and take matters into our own hands. We will renovate classrooms, sports courts, parks and playgrounds”, said Ms. Kristina Škanata, PR Coordinator of Porto Montenegro.

“DIPLOMACY & COMMERCE Magazine is a reliable communication platform which provides analyses, opinions and comments on the whole diplomatic, political and business environment. We also follow culture, sports and all other important activities in Serbia and the region. With the DIPLOMACY & COMMERCE awards we wanted to show that in the countless negative pieces of information around us, there is also great news to be heard on how organisations, individuals and companies make our world a better place”, said Mr Robert ?oban, President of Color Press Group. 

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