Ecological private accommodation – Val Maslina and Bogdanovic Apartments received EU Eco Label certificate


Apartments Val Maslina from Bar and Bogdanovic from Kotor became owners of EU Eco Label certificates that guarantee quality of tourism services in these facilities and readiness for further improvements in order to fulfil environmental standards. Receiving the certificates is the proof that small capacities’ accommodations recognize the importance of sustainable practices promotion and possibilities of improved position at international markets.

Certificates were issued upon audit on alignment of 22 mandatory criteria and certain number of points collected based on 43 facultative criteria. Certificate confirm implementation of environmental concept, rational energy use, water use reduction, preservation of the natural surroundings, promotion of sustainable transport and reduction of generated waste. It is worth to highlight permanent communication and promotion at the level of the accommodation, as well as cooperation with guests, businesses, suppliers and other partners in pursuing ecological vision.

EU Eco Label, established 25 years ago, facilitates promotion of products and services to the 500 million people market, which includes some of the most important travel markets, such as Germany, France, Benelux and Scandinavian states.

Towards Carbon Neutral Tourism Project, implemented by Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Montenegro), in cooperation with National Tourism Organization, supports introduction of environmental certificates EU Eco Label and Travelife for hotels and apartments. Eco certified accommodations attract ecologically conscious guests who care for protection of environment.

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