12 Reasons Why You Should Include Herceg Novi, Montenegro In Your Travel Bucketlist


Montenegro comes from two words: ‘monte’ and ‘negro’ which means Black Mountain. This infamous name comes from the dark mountain forests that cover the land. It is a piece of heaven you’ll find along the borders of Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Jonathan and I ended our trip in Montenegro a couple of days ago. We were invited by Mr. Pavle Obradovic, the VD Direktor of the Tourism Organisation of Herceg Novi who iskind and passionate enough to show us how beautiful their country and their culture is. He took us hiking to see magnificent panoramic views and we went sailing around the Bay of Kotor on on a 25.5 ft Elan Extra sailboat. We stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Light House which is only 50m from the coast and 1km from the centre of Herceg Novi. We went sailing with Montenegro Outdoors and our sailing instructor Lija and the owner, Natasha were very kind enough to invite us over to their house for lunch or dinner. At that moment, there was nothing else we could ask for. It was just surreal.

The legendary English romantic poet Lord George Gordon Byron once said: “When the pearls of nature were sown, on this soil an overflowing handful was gathered. The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral.”

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