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Explorer DMC was founded in 2005 in Kolasin as a specialized agency in Montenegro that offers you unique MICE and other active programs 365 days a year. Our great experience and professional team will make sure you get everything in one place. Together with us, create your unforgettable journey. We make unique programs for individuals and groups. We love Montenegro and we know every corner of it. That is why we are one of the most creative Montenegrin companies in this field. We want you to transfer this love to you in the best way through unique experience and innovation while organizing various business events. As the most reliable tourist company in Montenegro, Explorer is the first partner of National Parks of Montenegro.

In addition to Explorer DMC Agency, the company Explorer also owns the following business units:

 National restaurant Crno Jezero in the National Park Durmitor

• National restaurant Biogradsko jezero in the National Park Biogradska gora

• Motel in the Tara canyon - Radovan luka

• Coffee bar "Što činiš" on Gorica hill in Podgorica

• Adventure park in the National Park Lovcen

• Adventure park in Kolasin

• Adventure park in Gorica hill in Podgorica

We also own the following equipment:

•        Ski equipment in our ski rental - Hotel Bianca Resort & Spa in Kolasin,

•        Buses and vans, jeeps, quads, snowmobiles

•        Kayaks, canoes, rafting boats as well as all accompanying equipment for rafting and canyoning

•        Catering equipment

•        Camping equipment, etc.

Explorer DMC is an absolutely secure and open partner in the business, providing the necessary logistics and service from the arrival of guests to their departure.

  • +382 (20) 864 200
  • +382 (69) 446 636
  • +382 (67) 263 138
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Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Kolašin
  • Address: Mojkovačka bb

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