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Ganića kula (Tower of the Ganić Family)

The Tower now hosts the Town Museum, which is a complex facility, aimed at collecting, keeping, representing and publicizing original testimonies of life and customs of the people of the area of Rožaje, all in order to cherish memories and traditions in a proper way and to satisfy the tourist needs. 

The Ganić family was a rich local family. They had their own land (čitluci), cattle and hirelings. Local people were amazed with a rich building and ever since it was built until now there have been stories about a strange origin of their wealth. 

The legend says that there was a shepherd who worked for the Ganić family and who took the flock of sheep to Brezovačko brdo, where the remnants of an old city stood. There, he found a strange object which looked like a bent iron rod which was only partly sticking out of earth. Sheep kept going there for days and grazed grass around the rod and shepherd tried for days to take it out from the earth with hoe, but for some strange reason the hoe would immediately spring back and the object would sink in the ground. In the end the shepherd decided to tell his secret to his master Selim-aga. When the master saw the miracle, he asked the Muslim priest for advice.

-That is someone’s testament. Small finger of the right hand of the one who found it must be cut.   Then, that place must be wetted with blood and flour must be scattered over. On the next day the place should be visited… Master went back home and managed to persuade the shepherd to agree to cut his finger and promised him a rich reward. When they cut his finger that evening on that very place the finger started jumping around as it was a lizard’s tale. People say that it also produced some kind of a scream that was heard to the sky. The shepherd died that evening and the next day Selim-aga found on that very spot a copper caldron full of gold. 

Selim-aga returned home, harnessed oxen and brought the caldron. He used that gold to build the Tower and became the richest man in the area. He gave to the parents of the deceased shepherd twelve gold coins for compensation. People say that a huge cooper caldron is still in possession of the descendants of Selim-aga Ganić.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Rožaje
  • Address: Ganića kula

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