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Ski center Savin kuk

Žabljak is one of the most famous ski centres in Montenegro. It is covered with snow 120 days a year.

At less than five kilometres from the city centre there is a ski centre Savin kuk on the slopes of the eponymous mountain peak. The highest point is at 2,010 m above sea level and elevation is 700 m. Ski resort has two two-lane ski lifts. There are a total of 4.6 km ski slopes, with a capacity of 3 000 skiers.

The lower cableway of the "Savin Kuk I" leads in the direction of the top of the Savin kuk and rises to an altitude of 1 907 m / nm. In total it includes 3.8 km of ski trails (three blue, one red and one children's track). Upper lane "Savin Kuk II" is 700 m long and exits to an altitude of 2 213 m / nm. It is intended for advanced skiers, as it includes 800 m long black trail. This cableway represents both a winter and a summer tourist attraction.

Ski pass rates

· Daily 13 €

· 2 Days 22 €

· 5 Days 50 €

· 7 - Days 70 € 

· Seasonal 200 €

· Children's ski pass: 1 Day 8 €, 5 Days 35 €, seasonal ski pass 120 €

· Cable Car tour 4 €

· Cable car tour – (groups over 20 people) 6 €

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Cable car

Mlade ljude

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Žabljak
  • Address: Savin kuk

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