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Ski center Hajla

Ski resort "Hajla" is located 8 km from Rožaje. It has a length of 1 019 m, baby lift, ski lift (anchor). The anchors are shifted every 8 seconds, and the capacity of this ski lift is 840 skiers per hour.

At only 150 m from the track, you can enjoy in ambiance of the first ethno restaurant "Košuta". And not only the ambiance, but also the national cuisine, the garden and outdoor music.

The ski center has a parking space of 200 seats and parking is free of charge.


Prices: Daily ski pass - 7 € • Ski equipment rental per day - 5 € • 7 Day ski school  - from 50 to 60 € • Parking is free for all skiers.

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Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Rožaje
  • Address: Turjak bb

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