Spring season

Beauties of the spring! First warm days makes everyone think of the Mediterranean - this is where spring brings light, warmness and new energy; this is where you will immediately feel scents of the sea – as soon as you step out of the airplane onto the runway in Tivat.

This is an ideal period for travelling, exploring nature, historical and cultural sites, for family excursions, exercising in nature, losing weight, making body stronger, meeting colleagues and business partners, for seminars, conferences, congresses and fairs.

This is when the Adriatic Sea reveals its face that can hardly be seen in summer months under the crowds. In March, April and May everything is crystal clear and bright – the air, water and seagull’s cries, and spirit and breath of the sea. You will feel good as knew after having a coffee on a sunny terrace, after long walks and discovering small deserted beaches and taverns where you will feel at home.

Brave ones will swim in the sea in May. Others will explore fortifications and museums of old medieval towns: Ulcinj, Bar, Budva, Kotor, Herceg-Novi, or they will make unforgettable excursions to Skadarsko Lake, Ada Bojana, or Monastery Ostrog... Yes, spring is the right time to experience places of extraordinary beauty in peace and quiet.

In springtime salty scents of the sea lift boldly up the mountain wreaths and spread all over the hinterlands and valleys to reach glacial lakes and slopes under the eternal ice. This transformation is worth seeing: as in fast motion pictures – warm Mediterranean scent awakening meadows and forests and bringing river fairies to life making everything blossom, bloom and sing.

Even though winter doesn’t leave mountains that easily – mornings and evenings are cool in the springtime and sitting by the open fire feels nice – days are full of unbelievable dramatic plots and surprises both in the sky and on earth. If you are ready to see the sun and clouds competing with each other (for which you need winter shoes and raincoat or let’s say a small hotel nearby) you will enjoy a unique magical sight of awakening of a giant.

Go to the mountain in springtime? Why not?! There is enough snow and sun which is exactly what you need to practice different activities and experience full enjoyment: skiing on all kinds of terrains, walking in snowshoes (krplje), hiking and biking, sightseeing routes, rafting and kayaking...

In springtime all wine, cheese and honey paths are open.

And perhaps it is the best, as it is the case with every season in Montenegro, to combine places, experiences and cuisines. It is simple – just follow the scents...

Enjoy the Holidays

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