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National park Prokletije

Hydrography: glacial lakes (Hridsko, Visitorsko, Ropojansko, Tatarijsko, Bjelajsko, the Vizier Brady pond, the pond Treskavac, Koljindarsko et al.), large and small streams, springs and sources of drinking water and mineral water, rivers, underground aquifers and mountain ponds .

Hridsko Ridsko-Lake:

  • Altitude 1970 m

  • Area of 33-36000 feet, depending on water levels

  • Maximum depth of 4 m

Climate: continental, mountainous and subalpine. The winters are long and very sharp and short summers and fresh. Mean annual air temperature of 2-7 ° C. Maximum rainfall takes place in the late fall and winter, the first portion. Snow cover has an average depth of 15cm and is kept from 90 - 210 days.

Relief is indented with numerous peaks, gorges, steep slopes, river valleys, alpine type and other natural phenomena. Among these, the following zones: Karanfilsko-Bjelički (most rugged part of the area, with numerous peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level); Visitorsko; Zone Bogićevica; Zone Bora and Kofiljaće; Elderly Zavojska-zone.

Reserves :

  •  Hridsko Lake
  •  Volušnica
  • +382 (0)20 658 071
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Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Plav
  • Address: NP Prokletije

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