National cuisine

In order to get to the heart of Montenegro you shall try the specialties of the national cuisine. The diversity of Montenegrin nature and the ethnographic diversity have left a trace on Montenegrin cuisine. Whether you are dining at your friend's, in an authentic Montenegrin home, or in some restaurant, you shall be cordially welcomed.

Montenegrins are good and generous hosts. When expecting a guest, according to an old time custom, as a sign of hospitality they open wide the door or the gate. They offer to the guest the best food and drink they have in the house, reserve for him the best place at table and do their best to make his stay in their home as comfortable as possible.

You will find the basic European cuisine in restaurants, but what you should try by all means is: lamb or goat roast meat under sac, pivski kajmak (a special milk cream from Piva), kačamak, cicvara, pie, clear fish soup and boiled fish, fried carp and smoked bleak. Then pour wine Vranac or Krstac for on it all, have something sweet like cheese cake, peach or water melon; then relax in the afternoon with Nikšicko beer, and in the early evening invigorate yourself with grape brandy, along with smoked ham, goat cheese and tomatoes. If you opt for a slap up dinner you can add some surmuletts in the frying pan or a grilled greater amberjack.

Mediterranean cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine is based on cereals, fish and olives.
Most frequent are barabun, zubatac, arabun, orad, but also cipol, gof, sardine and many other salt water fishes.

Basic ways to prepare fish are to fry, “lešo“ or grill (on “gradele”), “brodet”.
To prepare fish on “gradele” is to grill it. During preparing the fish is soaked in aromatic weed, mainly rosemary. It is served with sauce of garlic, parsley and olive oil along with vegetable or salad. Fish “lešo“is boiled in water along with oil, vine vinegar, onion, laurel and other spices. It is served with boiled mangel. “Brodet” is made with several types of fish. It is served with “paletna” – dish made of corn flour.

On Skadar lake main types of fish are carp and sardines which is smoked afterward. Specialties of lake cuisine are: carp on dried plumbs, apples and melon, carp grilled on onion, eel on groats, eel on grill. Most popular dish is smoked carp, but the smoked sardines taste is also worth trying, easily fried or boiled “on salad”.

Cuisine of Northern region

Thanks to highly quality pastures of Durmitor, Sinjajevina and Bjelasica, dairy products and meat from Montenegrin mount areas in the north are true generators of life energy. Most exquisite are the taste of lamb prepared in old traditional manner, under “sach”, grilled trout or sour milk, as well as different types of venison. Traditional mount dishes, such as mush made of corn flour and “cicvara”, are best served with sourly milk.

Pizza places
Wine boutiques/wine cellars

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