By car

The roads are good and the sea and high mountains are connected by the Adriatic road and the new road Risan-Žabljak. The fastest way to reach the sea from Podgorica is through the tunnel Sozina.

Total length of the roads in Montenegro is 5,277 km. In Montenegro there is no highway, but there are roads with three lanes on some sections. On the other side Montenegro has a significant number of tunnels and bridges on its roads. In 2006 tunnel Sozina significantly shortened the distance between the coast and hinterland. 

There are also plans for the construction of the highway Belgrade - Bar and construction of bridge across the strait Verige in the Bay of Kotor.

We recommend to travel on the Panoramic Roads around Montenegro

Important traffic rules in Montenegro

  • Low beam or daytime driving lights must be activated even during the daytime.
  • The following is to be carried along in the vehicle:
    • A high visibility vest for every passenger
    • A first aid kit
    • Depending on weather conditions, snow tires or snow chains
  • Do not drink and drive! The alcohol limit in Montenegro is 0.3 ‰. 
  • The speed limit is:
    • 50 km/h within settlements
    • 80 km/h outside settlements
Help on the road and information
Gas stations
Ferry Kamenari-Lepetane

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